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PVC Industrial Stretch Film
Suitable for food package like vegetable, fruit, meat, seafood and so forth. It’s primary for cold storage food package and frozen food package in home and supermarket. PVC Stretch Food Wrap Film Feature:  1. Hygiene and safety 2. Glossiness and transparency 3. Retaining freshness property
Disposable Medical Latex Exam Gloves
Powder Free Latex Exam Glove is widely use for:Health care Latex Gloves, Beauty Latex Gloves Food processing Latex Gloves, Examination Latex Gloves,Kitchen Latex Gloves, Gardening Dentist Latex Gloves, Lab Latex Gloves…etc. Disposable Medical Latex Exam Gloves Feature:  1. Disposable andambidextro
Organic Black Teas has A strong, robust, full-bodied tea with lasting aroma mellow and fragrant taste. Organic Black Teas Feature:  1.Harvested from Yushan organic tea plantation1,500 meters above sea level 2.Yushan Organic Black Tea Appearance:Full leaf,loose stripe shape. Fermentation: 100% 3.

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Genlight International Business Co., Ltd. was established in 1985, as a professional disposable gloves manufacturer. Our products are sold worldwide for more than 20 years. All products are ISO and CE certified. In 2005, our company was restructured and had successfully formed partnership with the well-known Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, became its sales agent. In addition to the original production of gloves, we are now marketing a variety of products from Nan Ya Plastic Corporation, such as Stretch film, PVC film/sheets... etc. And also many Taiwan specialty products like High mountain tea.


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