Taiwan Yushan high mountain Organic Oolong tea

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  • Canned:100g
  • Type:Oolong Tea
  • Packaging :Canned

Key Features

Yushan Organic Oolong Tea








  • Features: Harvested from Mt. Jade organic plantation 1,500 meters above sea level.
  • Appearance: Tight half-ball shape. Fermentation: 10%~15%.
  • Aroma: Firry fragrance.
  • Flavor: an unique aroma of high mountain air” , sweet, smooth, aromatic with long aftertaste.
  • Liquor Color: Gold yellow color. 
  • Baking Degree: Non-roasted
  • Can be steeped 8~10 times

How to prepare your Taiwan Tea

  • Tea Leaf : 10g
  • Water : 180cc,  95o
  • Time :  1st  50sec, add 10 sec each time.
  • Can be steeped 8~10 times


Our organic high mountain tea is in Nantou County, which is located in Yushan National Park in Taiwan. We have devoted to organic farming for more than ten years. No chemical fertilizer or residue are used here.It is an organic tea farm not only certified by Taiwan Government but also by IMO and JAS. All of our tea leaves are produced from the nature, abundant environment and irrigated by pure headwaters which is surrounding byYushan, redirected from Mt. Jade. As a result, customers can be able to enjoy the natural, aromatic, smooth and sweet taste and feel content without worry.


Taiwan's unique island geography with high mountain ranges sat its center, where there is high humidity and natural precipitation, makes it a most suitable environment for growing tea. Particularly for the strictly selected of organic high Mt. tea grown at altitudes higher than 1000 meters above sea level, there the air and water are clean, which makes the tea representing its unique aroma and flavor. Taiwan Organic High Mt. Tea are really low harvested, and with the highest quality of Taiwanese oolong teas.



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